Recently, my husband and I moved into a new home. We have two boys, one who is now 22 months, and a newborn. Now, our 22-month-old never had issues sleeping these past few months, until we moved into the house. It seemed every night for the first few weeks he would wake up! We tried all of our usual things to help him sleep, but every night, at a certain point, he would wake up. My husband and I for the life of us could not figure out what the problem was, until we realized that as soon as the street light came on outside of Nicky’s window, he would wake up. We eventually got curtains that would block out the light so Nicky could sleep. You see, that light was bright, and could be seen in the darkest rooms. 

What do people see in us? What do they see in you? Do they see Christ though us, or just someone doing good works? How can something so perfect, something so bright, something so powerful, not be seen; it seems impossible. Christ says He fills us with Himself once we are saved. Once we ask Christ to enter into our hearts, Christ HIMSELF resides in us. That powerful, miracle working., life changing, perfect Christ dwells in YOU. How can He be hidden? How can He not be seen? It’s like saying in a pitch-black room I cannot see a candle lit. I see darkness all around but refuse to see that one candle. It’s not there. That would be impossible. I would have to physically look away or close my eyes to not see that light.

I think there can be two very simple reasons why others cannot see Christ in us – either we never truly asked/allowed Christ to dwell in us, or we choose to simply hide Christ. Let’s look at both of those.


1.     We have never asked Christ to dwell in us. This is salvation; asking and receiving Christ into your heart and starting a new path with Christ. When we ask Christ into our hearts, we are filled with the Holy Spirit, His light! Not given a little dose but FILLED; meaning no room for any other light.  God says in Matthew 5:14 says “Ye are a light of the world, A city that is set on a hill cannot be hid.” We cannot share with others the gospel, the good news, His miracles, His goodness, if there is no light to be seen.  

2.     We have chosen to hide Christ. Let me just start off by saying these are the Christians that are “comfortable.” They want Christ to live in them. They want to be sure others see how good of a person they are and want to be sure they have a place in in heaven but refuse to let His light shine through them. When you decided to follow Christ, it was just that. You DECIDED. You made a decision. The definition of a decision is “a conclusion or resolution.” When you decided to follow Christ, you decided to change your ways.


My husband and I have worked with teens for a few years now, and we often would use an example with this second point. All through my life, I have been a worship leader. My sisters and I would show up week after week at different churches, hoping someone would hear from God through our music, or would join us in worship. The days we were home, many times churches would reach out and assume we would want to sing if we attended their meeting.  The only reason why we were known for this was because we showed it. No one could know what we could offer if we never sang. It’s like saying “I’m a worship leader” but never show up to practice to continue growing my skill, and when Sunday would come, I would never bring my piano to play, or even attempt to get up on the stage to sing. I say, “I am a worship leader,” but would never get up and lead anyone in worship.  I could tell you all day I was a worship leader, but without taking even those simple actions, I am simply just a girl who is around others who can sing.

Jesus tells His disciples in Matthew 16 “If any man would come after let him deny himself, take up his cross, and follow me.” Notice after making the decision to follow Christ, actions were to follow. To first deny yourself; meaning from here on your wants, desires, your passions, the way you talk, walk, dress, belongs to Christ. How can we say we have Christ’s light in us, and are sharing it, when we refuse to start and do even the simple things that Christ commands? We refuse to give up the way we talk, and never share with others what God has done. We never look for opportunity to share the light but run from it.

Challenge for today:

Take your light, and don’t just let it shine; put that thing up in flames! Now more than ever people need to see Christ’s love, forgiveness, strength, and any other form of light He has placed in you! Let your light shine so bright others can’t help but want to know the source. And if you haven’t ever asked Christ in your heart, letting the Holy Spirit’s light dwell in you, today can be that day!

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