And so, it begins! Christmas is here! Shopping for that perfect present and putting up the tree! Mammas are cooking till the wee hours of the morning, dads begin hanging all the lights, friends and family are shopping till their feet have had enough! Families are seeing Christmas lights together; people are flying home to be with the ones they love. This list could go on for pages. We do it all because simply “it’s that time of year…” Sometimes, wrapped up in all of those traditions, we find ourselves stressed, ungrateful, exhaustion, depression, and yes, some even suicidal. How is it that with all this joy, this is also our countries one of the toughest times for people? 

Over the last few weeks our church has been talking about generosity, and how there are not just many ways to be generous, but there are many reasons why we ought to be generous!

In Matthew 25 God speaks about a parable. There were three men that were given different talents. With those talents, each man did something different. One hid away his talents, one decided to go and double it, and another also went and made it doubled.

Each one of us, has a talent. Whether it is money, time, or ___, we each have something we can give back.

If you look at the relationship in this parable, it is master and servant. Being a child of God, we are the same. God has entrusted His servants to go with the gifts He’s given us, and touch someone else’s life. I don’t know about you, but to know God Almighty, Creator of the Universe, the one who was man and God at the same time, the one who rose from the dead, took the entire weight of the world on His shoulder, our Prince of Peace, Jehovah Jireh; that man, gave me something? How humbling. How amazing! The fact He has entrusted my sinful self with money, energy, time, a voice, a car that runs, a peace that we will have food to eat the next day… Do you see where I am going with this?

Today, I challenge you. I challenge you to take that time where you “hustle and bustle” and put it into someone else. I challenge you to take some of those extra finances and place them into someone else. Look around Christian. Our world is beginning to lose sight of how blessed we are. Sin has taken so many lives and have put so many others in a state of depression. Be the light. Be the bridge that shows others Christ. Show them the true meaning of this holiday. Don’t hide away your talent but give. Give abundantly! 

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